Announcing Absurd to Sublime.Net




Here’s the dilemma:  Word won’t let bloggers monetize, and Blogspot, owned by Google, won’t communicate.

As the old saying goes…you get what you pay for. was removed on April 14, at 2:00pm. At the time, I had 230000 hits, and over 200 posts. No spam or viruses were found on the site. 

I never received an explanation from Google.  Did someone in Orange County  known for tampering around with blogs, newspapers and message boards have a hand in this? Perhaps.

Anyway, I launched REALLY ABSURD as a temporary blog while I considered my options.  My option: Purchasing my own domain.

ABSURDTOSUBLIME has been a difficult and time consuming venture. One thing about blogspot, they do make it easy!  I have had many false starts, and I’m still having glitches and problems.  But it’s up and running.

Timely and interesting posts about The Real Housewives Franchise and all the wacky characters can be found at the new blog. linkers, some of the old blogspot links are irretrievable, many are posted at Boxxet and Zimbio.  I will continue to provide links here. The Gretchen Rossi/Jay Photoglou/ Slade Smiley  story is still at MORE ABSURDITIES

Thank You for making this move with me.


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