OC Lost Footage: Tamra and the Teaser

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In one of Jay Photoglou’s rambling speeches to The National Enquirer, River Dave’s Place, or Radaronline ( take your pick) he stated he was text messaging with Tamra Barney during the taping of the Reunion show.




One response to “OC Lost Footage: Tamra and the Teaser

  1. Tamra turned out to be such an unlikeable housewife!!! I liked her the first season, then this season, suddenly she thought she was all that!! It was painfully obvious that she wasn’t the hottest housewife. Many polls proved it!! But her attitude and treatment of the other women was atrocious!! I would never speak to a woman who behaved in that manner!! IN fact…I would say she’s a b*tch!! Then the whole trashing Gretchen on the internet with her son Ryan! Bad enough Jay was not letting go, but Tamra was adding fuel to the fire by even listening, then telling others, what Jay had said. What a two bit floozy!!! Gretchen has fans because she is a nice person, she doesn’t intentionally try to hurt or belittle others (cough…Tamra) I was hoping Tamra would be the one leaving the show….BUMMER!!!! What a DEBBIE DOWNER!!!!!

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