Tamra Barney: Anyone Believe Her?


 Here’s the latest from her Bravo blog

“Okay so everyone is emailing me about the threesome comment, so I am going to laying it out there….well not literally. Yes, it was a comment that Gretchen made at my dinner party.


One response to “Tamra Barney: Anyone Believe Her?

  1. Tamra….you are a poor excuse for a mother!! How dare you treat another woman in the manner you did. You are supposed to set a good example(especially for your little girls)
    as a mother!! You got way too involved in Gretchen’s business! Publicizing her private life was not your right!!!!! Look at what this Jay guy is doing….and you support that? Maybe when an exboyfriend of one of your daughters splashes her pics all over the interenet, then you’ll understand. It’s unfortionate that you chose to align yourself with such a scumbag. Not a good decision. And your son Ryan was all over that “website” trashing Gretchen every day. We know you were there too, using aliases, leaving nasty comments. You really are trash Tamra, as is your son Ryan!!!!!

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