“Tiny” Manzo’s Legacy

excerpt from the daily beast:

Not every family has a 350-pound skeleton in its closet. Albert “Tiny” Manzo, the hulking father-in-law to two of the Housewives, ended his life naked, bound in plastic, and stuffed in the trunk of a Lincoln Continental with four slugs in his chest. It has been reported that Tiny was whacked after he was caught skimming the take from an illegal casino owned by the Gambino crime family in Staten Island.

Such talk rankles Caroline, whose first episode quote, “Let me tell you something about my family: We’re as thick as thieves, and we protect each other to the end," has become her catchphrase.



4 responses to ““Tiny” Manzo’s Legacy

  1. According to the police and prosecutors in an old (1989) newspaper report I found, regarding a court challenge to determine whether MassMutual had to pay out on a $500,000 life insurance policy (which he took out less than a month before he was murdered, interestingly enough, but the refusal to pay was because he hadn’t disclosed that he had diabetes), Albert “Tiny” Manzo was murdered because he tried to open an illegal gambling parlor without permission from the Mafia.

    Either way, Caroline is naive if she thinks people can’t find out about the Mafia connection through public records and newspaper reports, the same way people found out about Danielle’s past even before it came up on the show. If you appear on a reality program, nothing will remain secret for long.

  2. I can’t believe The Manzo women have the nerve to judge Danielle. They obviously live on blood money. If not now, sometime in the past, there was definitely blood money involved. They lied to millions of people. I don’t like Danielle, but at least she doesn’t deny things that are obviously true. My family had mob ties years ago. So many Italians who came from the old country do. It’s not our fault. By these ladies denying something do obvious and real, they make fools of themselves. Before they judge Danielle for something she did 25 years ago, they should look in a goddamn mirror. What bitches!!!!!

  3. What the Manzo family is guilty of is trying to stop the gossip by denying rather than owning up and moving on. It’s not a reflection on his sons or grandchildren that he was connected to the mob and no one should judge them based on what Tiny did. Bottom line, they’re making a common mistake by not owning up and moving on.

  4. Caroline is the DEVIL!!!! She has every one fooled…,BI-POLAR!!!!!!

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