The Manzo’s: Thick as Thieves and Twice as Duplicitous

Dina Manzo 


What’s in Dina Manzo’s past that the Manzo family is hiding?   Does it have something to do with why Dina had to move in with Caroline after her divorce?  Her ex-husband is obviously not broke. Or does it have to do with her arranged marriage to Tommy Manzo?  Caroline Manzo is obviously lying. All the Manzo’s tried to protect Dina.



4 responses to “The Manzo’s: Thick as Thieves and Twice as Duplicitous

  1. Caroline and Dina…i liked Caroline immediately; dina i was watching.-i just couldnt get a sincere read on her.

    Danielle a little strange.

    However, really disappointed in Caroline and Dina’s behavior in “exposing” Danielle. How small of them? Could have just chosen not to socialize with Danielle.

  2. It’s surprising that Caroline’s family has ties to the mob. Considering how judgmental she was regarding Danielle aka Beverly. I’m not sure when she married into the family, but seemingly she should have spent more time investigating her inlaws. Apparently, that’s where the real scandal lies.

  3. I think that Tommy’s a bit femmy, if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s as cute as hell, but then I’m gay. I think Dina can put up with him as he probably is a nice guy, and definitely well-heeled.

  4. When Caroline and Dina found the dirt on Danielle, it was natural to talk/gossip about it, but they should have kept it among themselves as they do their own dirt.

    The heroines of this saga are some of the children. Danielle’s know their mother struggles and actually mediate and care for her. Dina’s child has an unreadable mother, but the love is there.
    As much as I don’t like phony Dina, I do admire her mothering and her relationship with her daughter. It’s a pleasure to watch them.

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