The War Between Danielle Staub and Caroline Manzo


The show may be over — but the drama is far from finished.



4 responses to “The War Between Danielle Staub and Caroline Manzo

  1. Re: caroline “bashing” Danielle on reunion #2 and would not reveal what the issue was. If Caroline was not going to reveal the issue, then she should have not “bashed” Danielle, who said, ” I don’t know what you are talking about”. Danielle was unable to defend herself. Unfair Caroline!

  2. I can’t believe Caroline can be such a bitch. She mad the most threatening comments not only at the end but all through with the we are thick as thieves (first of all I would never compare my family to theives ever!) we are as close as they are as a family but never would I use that analogy. She is a very strange person…….. All of these Real Housewives series these are not your average house wives. If you want the real take your average everyday housewife that is the “REAL” housewife. They are limelight hungry wanting to be famous women

    • caroline said thick as sleeves, not thieves. she meant they are very strong. they won’t let a little bitch like danielle torment them

  3. caroline is a hypocrite who’s head has gotten bigger than her stomache, or her bank book, or her “fame” (fame that came from “sounding” so “good” and really coming off as an arrogant know- it- all that sticks to the story that has more popularity, so that makes her a hypocrite. her “children” geez, they’re all over 21 live thier own lives what like fiances, gay boyfriends…please…like they say, “he who live in glass house shouldn’t throw stones…”anyway, her “children” always sticking to mommy–uh, yeah,
    mommy gots the daddy and daddy gots all the money and why don’t i just say it: ”MONEY TALKS” yEAH, that’ll keep a family together…nobody wanna be removed from the will…HYPOCRITES: COMe out with the TRUTH! WHAT ARE Y’ALL COWARDLY ABOUT? and when I say y’all i mean caroline the MOST, iT IS easy to pretend you’re good and have so much advice for someone, but not so easy to live the advice you should be called a blowhorn: makes a lot of noice, lets everyone know somthings up, seems like a good helper for unknowing ignorants, but is just one of the most annoying noises since lloyd christmas played by jim carrey IN DUMB AND DUMBER! GET OVER YOUR BIG NO COLLEGE HAVING MAYBE NOT EVEN HIGHSCHOOL DIPLOMA HAVING BIG HEAD, CAROLINE,YOU ARE REALLY ANNOYING AND BORING AND I’LL BET YOU’LL MAKE UP SOME LIE ABOUT SOMEONE ON THE REUNION AND SAY IT EVER SO PSYCHOPATHICALLY THE EVEN ANDY COHEN BELIEVES YOU…HE’S SO GOOFY

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