Danielle Staub/Beverly Merrill: Where’s Daniel Aguilar?



Can (or should) Bravo protect Danielle?  What responsibility should they bear in the pursuit of ratings?



3 responses to “Danielle Staub/Beverly Merrill: Where’s Daniel Aguilar?

  1. I hate Danielle, she is crazy! I think she did all of those things in the book, why would he write it unless its true. Unless she did something else to make this man this mad maybe snitch to get herself out of the whole situation. I love Dina she is my favorite well her and Caroline. I think they had every right to do what they did i would want to know just the same. Go Team Dina

    • Danielle go ahead i dnt think u did anythin wrong and for the three other ladies they should be ashamed of themselves to conduct themselves like that. you were right to say that they are setting a bad example for there children. Not so much caroline i gotta give it to her she was somewhat classy but to call you garbage. and if the three other ladies hated you so much they should of followed dina’s foot steps and left the show they could of gotten other people who wanted to be on the show….. Danielle you had every right to step up for yourself for your sake and your children. Teresa keeps calling herself classy…..classy people do not curse like she did and dont over spend money like she did 11$ million in debt lord jesus

  2. Of course it’s all true. The book doesn’t even scratch the surface of what her true crimes were. The entire court records are available at TheSmokingGun.com

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