Tamra Barney’s Home on Short Sale

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The family home of Tamra Barney , one personality on cable TV’s “Real Housewives of Orange County ,” has been relisted for sale with an asking price of $1.149 million for the Ladera Ranch house. Late last year, the 4,300-square-foot, 5-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom home (Click on the pictures above for a larger view!) was listed at $1.6 million




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6 responses to “Tamra Barney’s Home on Short Sale

  1. It was obvious from day one that the trailer trash Barneys never had money and faked it all along. Every word that comes out of Tamra’s mouth is one lie after another.

    And she is the worlds crappiest mother I have ever seen on reality tv….getting drunk in front of her small children all the time, dressing and acting like a prostitute.

    She is a tacky whore, I feel so bad for her kids to have such losers for parents.

  2. And if that wasn’t enough they have civil credit collections problems too.

    Case No. Case Title Case Type Filing Date Category

    They are complete frauds.

  3. Happy Housewife

    I am so happy to see Tamra is such an awful position. Not because I am happy to see someone down because that is an awful situation. But because I think she deserves it. Karma is a b*tch and all that crap you talked about the other housewives is now coming to bite you in the behind. You’re getting what you deserve hunnie. How does it feel??!?!?!? Maybe now you’ll learn to be nicer, dress less like a prostitute and get a freaking job.

  4. When i saw tamra barney break down and cry when she was talking about her home it made me laugh. She is such a nasty woman and karma is a biatchchh. Her and short fuse simon get no sympathy from me. The way she treated gretchen and her horrible ways its hard to feel sorry for the old has been. She sees young beautiful gretchen and cant stand that she is a broke old crows feet hag. I cant believe the house is still on the market, I bet she is Simons #1 tequila customer.

  5. All of the above comments are very stupid coming from uneducated lower class community. Bravo tv only shows the drama and exciting side of their life besides the rest 700 hours of filming will never be shown to the general public. All we get to see is half of they’re life on tv yet almost everyone thinks they’re all bad lying people. It’s sad enough to see others putting them down when their life is probably the same. Go to hell.

  6. First of all…the film crew for this show probably laughs their collective rear ends off every time they shoot this show.

    Secondly, if what they are showing is the most exciting stuff going on in these people’s lives, well…thank God for the poor, uneducated lower class community that makes it all possible.

    The reason they don’t show the remaining 700 hours is because it’s beyond boring.

    These women are in the news constantly due to their two ‘sides’…the side they promote on this show, and the legal side that proves they are liars.

    The film crew wouldn’t be telling people who criticize these women to go to hell. They’re the first people doing the criticizing. They go home, relieved they can lose the straight face, and have a good laugh at the expense of the people who make their jobs possible.

    I bet ‘film crew’ is really Tamra Barney.

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