Has Kandi Burruss Said “No Scrubs”?




Kandi Burruss was engaged to AJ Jewel, a man with 4 baby mamas, 6 children ( five of which are alleged to be living on welfare) and no visible means of support.  Let’s hope she has given up on this “scrub”.



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2 responses to “Has Kandi Burruss Said “No Scrubs”?

  1. Kandi,

    Just saw the episode with your mom. You are only 32 years old with one child. I hate to say this but your mom’s advice is so on point. Love always feels right in the beginning. At the very least you should give this relationship/engagement at least one year so that you will understand what you will truly have to live with if you marry this man. Your mom’s perspective about not knowing the girls or the mothers of these children is accurate. I’m an attorney so I also have to tell you that you should give SERIOUS consideration to a pre-nup, if no other reason than your daughter’s future interest; if he loves you he will sign it and if you love your daughter and want her to have a future you should meet with an attorney.

    I’m not hating, I like your character on the show b/c, unlike most of your Bravo colleagues, you are a self made woman; there’s nothing wrong with seeking love but you should take your time. At your age there should be no reason to rush into a marriage. It’s nice that you want your daughter to see you married but that should not drive your decision to rush into a marriage without fully understanding the entire picture. You should consider that it would be better to consider this major decision slowly rather than rush into something that could become complicated very quickly.

    I wish you the best.

  2. I really like the reply the attorney gave above! I don’t think anyone is saying don’t be in love. It’s okay to love but be aware who will be attached to your life. Yes – you are marrying the man but those other women will be an added addition. I know of someone who had six kids – and a new relationship – and all the baby mama’s to go with it .. nothing but drama after drama – and it’s still going on after 10 years .. Jesus. Thank GOD it’s not mine situation but I think it’s always good to get good valid opinions. I am not sure but you can ask the attorney but is it not true that financially it will bind you to paying these other women? Once they see your life improving more and more – one of those women will be at the courthouse for some money! Nothing against the man! One thing I would do if I were in that type of situation – I would want to meet the mother’s of all the kids .. this would give you an idea of who they are – how they are- etc. Feel the situation out .. again get involved knowing what will be attached to your new family. Getting marry is something we would hope to cherish with love – not be dramatize by others. I wish you nothing but the BEST!!! Good luck in all that you do. Blessings

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