Tamra and Simon Barney Headed for Divorce?


Tamra Barney, Alexis Bellino, Jim Bellino and Simon Barney in an upcoming Season 5 episode


Last season, we saw Tamra Barney of the Real Housewives Of Orange County transform from a ditzy blonde in season 3 into a raging, angry, jealous monster in season 4 with the addition of Gretchen Rossi to the cast.


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9 responses to “Tamra and Simon Barney Headed for Divorce?

  1. tamara is classless and reminds of a street girl. gang material.

    i like jeana but she left due to finances and her gay family. she was real.

    vicki is so hard like a tough lesbian. she can’t possibley be with her husband. she does need a good full face/neck lift. mrs. curtain looks 20 years younger with her new face lift.

  2. Poor simon or should i say captain save a ho. Ho Ho Ho tamara barney you poor w trash you know what you used to do before you met simon. You weren’t that good. Simon could do so much better and part of his frustration with you is that you lack education but truly believe you are not an idiot but guess what you are and your son and you belong back in the trailer you used to live in hillbilly. Simon get out of there and hang with Gretchen.

  3. OMG! I LOVE to watch Tamra and Vicki make a$$es out of themselves – they are absolute witches and every time they say something nasty, karma visits them – its priceless! Tamra you are so jealous, mean, nasty, and ugly! Go back to the hills where you belong. You obviously are not educated and can’t articulate yourself except in a low class manner – get a life! Vicki, greedy, mean, gluttonous and fat, plus you look like Ms. Piggy but without any niceness. Both you women deserve a divorce!

  4. Could not have said it better myself!! Tamra-hahaha, Vicki, please stop wearing shorts and short dresses-you are way too fat!! Take some of that money you love to brag about and fix your pig nose and sand that skin on your face! Loan Tamra enough to suck the cellulite out of her arms! Lynne Curtain-gross, vain, insecure, thief, worst mother ever and ugly inside and out!

  5. Wow. people are really crude on this page. I agree Ryan needs to have been brought up to respect himself. Instead I think Tamera gave him and gave into him way to much. I do hope they can work it out. Lets remember this is a show and the more attention they get the more air time they get.
    Now for Lynne. Your daughter has been talking to others because you don’t listen. She is at the age that attention and I don’t mean putting her in a tiny bathing suit outside your store. That was just wrong. You let them dress like you. You let them drink like you… Shame Shame…You know sometimes teens talk to other so the other can be the mouth and maybe you’ll listen. Listen…

  6. OMG!!!! I think that it is great that Tamra is getting out of her marriage with Simon. I mean did we all not watch the same show? He is a controlling Jerk!!! Maybe Tamra was so harsh on others because that was the only time she could be heard. She may have been hard on the cast but she was woman enough to say she was sorry and make peace. Good for her I hope all goes well for you in the future. By the way there is nothing stupid about someone who got herself where she is today.

  7. OK, one thing has nothing to do with the other. If she was unhappy with her husband no one gave her permission to be a lying, jealous, mean spirited, gossip monger.

    Oh, mybe she used tranference, but that is no excuse for her cruelty towards Gretchen.
    Her behavior speaks volumes, she is now paying the price for her nasty, vindictve behavior.
    Is her husband perfect? No, but u need to ask yourself how he went from being a top person at one of the most respected and successful car dealerships in the Country to hawking Tequila.
    He tried to help her spoiled son, shall we remember that he helped move Ryan into a place of his own, got him a job, assisted in many ways..what does the son do? Drinks himself into oblivion, over steps his boundaries and that is ok? Who allows their son to adct inappropriatly towards a “friend” and/or “relative”.

    It is time for them to take a long look at their lives and stop blaming each other. They have three adorable little children who in the long run will be much better off away from the bickering and nasty behavior.
    The jury is out, just how long Tamara will remain single, making it on her own without a husband and/or a sugar daddy.


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