Kandi Burruss Responds to AJ’s Death

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4 responses to “Kandi Burruss Responds to AJ’s Death

  1. ms.kandi, my heart sadden with the lost of ur lov ,xperiencing a tragic myself i understand.peace b with u and his family so stay strong .God places ppl in OUR lives for A REASON,u felt that he was ur true love his dEath may have been an mistake but that reletionship has but only groom u intothe wonderful lady that u r.look back at all the rumors,the stressful fights u endure was more than u ever imagined,lessoned learned that urcan make it,ur soulmate might not b the typical guy with 1 or 2 kids,bu lovestills lives inside him.my fiance ha 2 moms and 5 kids but we dated 4 yrs now .im getting married in Sept ‘2010.he was what everyone thought rufneck , NOW HE SERVE FAITHFULLY IN THE CHURCH MINISTRY.
    i have 3 kids believe it r not we have a good family mines older so that works out great but to say to you men go thru Shit jus like women he a great Father to mines and his the kids loves me as well.God has prepare u to when ur true lov come u want worry cuz God choose to b ur family friend media dont give up on love,(ALCIA KEYES) SUPERWOMEN ;;;;YES U R!!!!!!

  2. My heart aches for you, I truly understand death is never easy so much hurt and pain. I to lost someone I loved with all my heart rest in peace sis
    gone but never forgotten.

  3. Kandi i hope u feel better soon i pray that your heart heels and u can get back to being ur self no one can know how u feel u were trying 2 please aj/ya mom but no matter what he gone now gone too soon and i want all haters to leave kandi be get a life and let ms kandi grieve she love aj

  4. I really love the episode that yall have made, but you are really the one that my heart go out to… i was so sad when I saw the show earlier today and hears the death of AJ,, yall looked so good together and I will keep you in my prayers and send you encouraging words as days go by!! Take Care KB…..MUCH LOVE..

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