Real Housewives of Orange County: Alexis Bellino’s Messy Divorce


Before she became one of The Real Housewives of Orange County,  Alexis Bellino was Alexis Barry and her 2004 divorce from  Jeff Barry could make a TV show on its own.

The Barry divorce was finalized June 12, 2004. She later married creepy Jim Bellino and became the “Stepford Wife” she is todayDNP Random Things


Alexis accused Jeffrey of being "bipolar," drinking "excessively," and threatening to hurt her.  She even got a Temporary Restraining Order against him.



4 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County: Alexis Bellino’s Messy Divorce

  1. alexis bellino is a money grubbing hipo-crite. She has done things that make gretchen rossi seem like a material virgin. She loves black men so it is surprising she continues to marry for money and has a secret life foolong around with tigers wood. She cheapens the sanctity of christandom.

  2. “she loves black men” ??

  3. what a cheap,hypocrtite biatch she is. God loving christian?? My ass!! This fake money hungry biatch should not even take Gods name in her filthy mouth.

  4. just another trailer trash, i have started liking tamra after seeing this bitch. I cant stop to wonder how those type of women get the guys with the big $$$$ ??? I hope her husband dumps her ass soon,but oh wait the next idiot will be waiting around the corner to pay her bills. This bitches will probably never work in their lifes, by living off of guys.

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