Simon Barney’s Spin Control



Simon Barney


Season 4 of the Real Housewives of Orange County was pretty rough for  Simon Barney  Both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, his wife Tamra behaved like a mean teenager jealous of the new girl in town, Gretchen Rossi. Quite unbecoming behavior for a mother of four in her forties. 



Tamra Wants Lie Detector Test From Gretchen

Tamra on George Lopez

Jay Jay won’t Go Away


2 responses to “Simon Barney’s Spin Control

  1. Tamra is a loser!

  2. I’m sick of listening to Tamra boo hoo on every episode. Why cant she face her sorry life and fix it. Not everyone has the perfect life, why should she be the exception. Her kid is a lazy boozer who seems to be stuck with a 15 yr old mentality. She cant over the fact that her dad left her mom eons ago and she cant look 21 forever. At least Vicki saw the error of her workaholic ways and is trying to amend her life. Tamara is a loser, leach.

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