Simon Barney Is Divorcing Tamra

Charges Tamra Barney with infidelity.




17 responses to “Simon Barney Is Divorcing Tamra

  1. What goes around, comes around. She is getting what she deserves. She is the most hateful one on that show, very unattractive also. Her envy towards Gretchen is biting her in her fat butt now! Go Simon, you deserve much, much better.

  2. OH so true.. It’s coming back two fold.. She has been a bitch from day one and her jealousy stood out beyond any others.. I think Simon was over board but I don’t doubt for a minute she had infidelities.. She is so full of herself and I have no clue why..Not very attractive at all compared to some of the other girls. .Payback is hell isn’t it?

  3. I’d love it if he hooked up with Gretchen! lol

  4. o whatever simon is a piece of shit,hes the most controllin asshole ever.she did everything to make him happy he never appreciated her and SHE deserves better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Seriously, Tamra is sooooo ugly and jealous of poor Gretchen. It’s so obvious that all the hate comes from her insecurities. My sis lives in OC and saw that skanky wanna be beauty queen at a local haunt and said she was all over every guy in the place. I agree with the previous post that Simon and Gretchen SHOULD hook it up-they would be a gorgeous couple. Hey, here’s an idea, maybe Tamra could move back to the trailer park with her mom and her criminal son…………….

  6. I feel sorry for Simon, sure he’s a little controlling but Tamara knew this when she married him, she just married him for money. She is one mean and nasty person I’ve ever seen.ALL WEALTHY MEN WATCH OUT FOR TAMARA!!!!!!!!!

  7. Simon has really changed this season. I think he wants Tamara to act just like Alexis the new housewife does with her husband. He is totally smothering and controlling. I just wonder how much of the things that came out of Tamra’s mouth was really her or Simon.As far as Gretchen is concerned.This year it’s Vicki.She (Tamara) certainly makes herself so unattractive with her jealousy of Gretchen and the new girl.I think she’s even jealous of Vicki’s money and relationship this season.I still don’.Remember last season, how she flaunted her relationship with Simon in Vicki’s face, when her marriage was going through a rough patch.Vicki felt so uncomfortable. I still know what Jena ever did to her either. I do believe in karma I must say.I bet after Tamara moved out New Years is when she started talking to an old boyfriend not before.Maybe she has even been seeing him.Knowing Simon he might have a tail on her.I think Tamara should have had a talk to Simon and even marriage counseling b/f she just up and leaves without warning.

  8. I believe that Simon drove the two of them apart with his controlling jelously because he was the one to cheat, at least first. He knew if he could cheat, than maybe she would too. Or, if he kept accusing her of cheating than the focus would be off him. Remember, those who accuse, are usually the ones who did. Who could live with someone like that. I don’t blame her. Even if there were the tm’s with her ex… big deal. He drove her to someone who would listen and not lecture! I am not saying she is great. I am just saying he is worse!!

  9. Simon is a total asshole!! Tamra is the one that should break free from him! He is soo controlling and wants a woman to sit at home and look pretty. Anyone who says that it is her fault does not have a clue!

  10. i think Tamara is getting kicked in the ass by a little thing we call “karma” It’s always a bitch when that happens LMAO!!!! I love it because the little bitch gets slapped right back in the face LIAR!!!!!And as far as simon goes he is an asshole also , he is a controlling bastard, neither one of those two deserve those kids, they will just ruin their lives with all of there bullshit. GROW UP assholes

  11. He knew she was going to divorce his controlling a$$ very soon….so being the control freak he is, he probably decided to pull the trigger first. I am pretty sure that is what happened. After what he put her through with his arrogance and HUGE ego (especially forcing her to pick between him and her son), I would be surprised if she stayed with him. Good for you Tamra! Run and never look back.

  12. I dont think any of us know the WHOLE story behind Tamra and Simon or Gretchen’s situation..I mean come on guys its called editing and it’s what makes t.v so great. I personally think Tamra really believes all that stuff about Gretchen based on what she’s heard..not saying any of its true…as for Simon..ha.. editing or not he comes off as a control freak..if I remember correctly in one episode Tamra tries to reconcile with Gretchen but Simon doesnt want her to…also they have gone to marriage therapy but I wouldnt stay with his he man ways either its no wonder she moved out…..I’m on team Tamra…boooo to Simon!

  13. I loathe Tamara Barney! She is not only not attractive on the outside – but she cannot hide how terribly ugly she is on the INSIDE as well! I think she thinks she should always be the center of attention and when one of the pretty (Gretchen, Alexis) housewives get attention – she becomes this BITCH and Simon was controlling because she is such a PUTZ!! I MUST SAY I CANNOT STAND VICKI either – What an EGOMANIAC!! They both need to go! The show would be much more enjoyable!

  14. maybe now that he is getting divorced, simon
    can come out of the closet !


    Simon became controlling all of a sudden. One day he woke up and said. I am going to be an asshole from this day forward.lmao. she knew what she was living with for x amount of years. Simon has no money anymore. Time to move on while she still can. Here we go again with the Gretchen thing. This heffa has no kids no ring and no commitment to anyone yet. I hope she ditches the loser but that is not my problem I gotta say please please dont take my oc bitches away.lmao
    I cant live if living is without them I cant live. I cant live anymore.lmao.



  17. Tamara is not funny not attractive on the inside or out. I see a competitive jealous mean bitch. She is so hard looking and just so nasty. . so conceited and of what? her bleached out hair that looks like it’s all dried out and frizzy. What she did to Jeana was so classless and ghetto. She totally shoved
    that piece of paper in her face and created that whole “drama” and needs anger management. The bitch ever did that to me she would have that piece of paper hanging out of her mouth. I hope she get’s sued. She’s a ho and a real piece of shit

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