Lynne Curtin Has Third Eviction Order!

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The Real Squatters of Orange County has exclusively uncovered court documents that show Frank and Lynne Curtin  from Real Housewives of Orange County are getting evicted from the house they currently live in.



5 responses to “Lynne Curtin Has Third Eviction Order!

  1. Wait. you just got a face life and you didn’t pay your rent???? My word…You have no wrinkles and living in your car. What a great look and Bravo needs to show the real people in Orange County all do not live this way. Give me a break. you care more about your looks then your young daughter. As I posted on the other page You Better Listen. I would find it fantastic if my child had someone to talk to and if something was going wrong this person would talk to me.
    Why don’t you get a job at a gym and make money to pay the rent also.

  2. You and Frank are professional squatters. And you could care less about your daughter ALEXA, you both need some therapy. Maybe Child services should get a load of the pot smoking and the under age drinking that goes on in your abode. Get a real job and pay your damn rent. You are both mimbo and bimbo..

  3. ok i want bravos e mail what you should do is get slade off the show he is just a hanger on an opptunist

  4. i cannot imagine going shopping and spending over $1000 on a jacket when i know that i have recevied an eviction notice! when i have my electric bill due and i am short on cash, i panick! what is wrong with you people? why is it that you had no idea about your financial status? lynn, you are oblivious to what is going on around you! it’s like you head is in the clouds 24/7. as far as your children go….wow! you daughter called you a bitch, to your face, on camera, in a mall! i would have stood up, grabbed her by the arm and looked her in the face and said that you never ever call your mother a bitch, or any name for that matter. then i would have left her there and told her to not come home unless she can behave like a civilized human being. that she has no idea how lucky and fortunate she is to have this lifestyle. and if she continues to behave in that manner, then she will get to see first hand how it is to live without the luxuires that ‘you’ provide for her! not that you have no blame in the situation, your children are a reflection of their parents, up unto a certain age, and let me tell you, she is a spolied rotten little ‘you know what’ and you and your husband have made her that way, by giving her whatever whenever! i actually pity her when she has to face the real world, unless of course you will shelter her for the rest of her live and give her whatever she expects. what an ungrateful person! get your head out of the clouds and face reality, lynn…. ! when you are facing eviction and homlessness, time to “stop” spending and start saving! did you really need a $1100 dollar jacket? couldn’t that have been some form of addition to your house payment? come on! fave lift? nose job for you daughter?


    pay your damn bills oc ladies. I thought they got paid decent not great money. I am sure enough to pay rent. She looks better They were living with grandma lynnes

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