Ramona Singer is Pedaling Backwards

Statement 20 minutes ago from Ramona Singer:


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One response to “Ramona Singer is Pedaling Backwards

  1. As far as Ramona goes, personally I think she is riduculous. If she wasnt stuck so far up Jills a** she might be a half decent person. BUT with all the renew crap, which is just what it was and her jewelry line, which was horrible its no wonder it didnt sell on QVC. There are alot of reasons I do not like Ramona, Jill, the so called Countless, and the wacky Kelly (who got in a domestic fight with a boyfriend) and in front of her kids. But Ramona, instead of trying to make up all this crap, why not concentrate on NOT drinking so much and getting a new group of girlfriends. All of you thought that Bethany would fall on her face, I’m so HAPPY her, the baby and Jason are doing so good. I know you are all JEALOUS of Bethany’s sucess. I used to enjoy the Real Housewives of New York. Now I wont watch it anymore. I am so sick of Jill and her mother (who shouldnt b on the show). But I am on TEAM BETHANY N JASON!!! I wish them the best and they will get the best because they are real n good normal people.

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