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Real Housewives of New Jersey: "The Lost Footage" Tonight

Will the  secret come out?



“Cop Without a Badge” Re-issued, More Excerpts

Cop Without A Badge by Charles Kipps                                  Cop Without a Badge: The Extraordinary Undercover Life of Kevin Maher


The book’s description of Beverly / Danielle’s involvement with the kidnapping


Kevin Maher on “Geraldo at Large”

See the video HERE…

In case you missed it.

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Kevin Maher

1986 Indictment of Beverly Merrill


Excerpt from "Cop Without A Badge"

What Did Danielle Staub Get in the Divorce Agreement?


This information is unverified, some of the people who know the Manzo’s are posting information on the internet, not unlike the The Real Nuts of Orange County.  But this bit of info seems correct.


                                        Danielle with Joe Giudice and Albie Manzo at "The Last Supper"

She was married to Staub for about 12 years. more…..




NJ Housewives Round 2: “Leave the Gun, Bring the Cannoli”

As round 2 opens, Dina denies wanting a big wedding…yeah, right.  Basically, she admits Caroline arranged the marriage. Jill Zarin’s blog and what she had to say was brought up again…yawn.

Danielle had a one night stand or whatever with Don Johnson many years ago. 


Part 1

Danielle Staub/Beverly Merrill: Where’s Daniel Aguilar?



Can (or should) Bravo protect Danielle?  What responsibility should they bear in the pursuit of ratings?


Beverly Merrill’s 1986 Indictment

Here’s  a link to the 26 page indictment against Beverly Merrill, aka, Danielle Staub, in 1986

"Jersey" Girl’s Sordid Past – June 23, 2009