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The Men Steal the Show

Pay Attention Please!  Ladies, your men have hijacked your show!

At this point, Bravo may as well rename the show the Real Husbands of New Jersey.  As the women were bickering and bitching, the men were stealing the show. 




Jealousy Rules The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 4

Why oh why did Bravo TV bring the most dysfunctional  franchise back to our screens so early, bumping the Real Housewives of New York City back to June 4? The simple answer: ratings. May is an advertiser sweeps month.


Real Housewives on Millionaire

 Who Wants to Be A Millionaire filmed  a segment Thursday with several of the Real Housewives from various franchises.

Here’s Kelly Bensimon  and Jill Zarin of The Real Housewives of New York with Kandi Burruss of the Atlanta Housewives




The New Jersey Housewives Dish


from someone in attendance:

Evening with The Real Housewives of NJ" at the Hilton in Atlantic City Labor Day weekend. It was a blast.


Next Event:

Debate Between NY and NJ Housewives

I won’t be tardy to that party!

Danielle Staub on “All My Children”,Jacqueline Laurita Tells the “Secret”


When Danielle Staub  showed her modeling pictures to her kids in the season finale of the New Jersey Housewives  she said she was on All My Children. Turns out she was a day player in 2001: One scene, with two lines


Caroline Manzo’s Anger: Tracking Down the Clues

What’s the big secret Dina Manzo won’t let Caroline talk about?  What would cause such passionate hatred of Danielle from Caroline?  It’s Dina’s issue, but she was pretty passive during this exchange, as if she is trying to shield herself from something.


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What is Dina Hiding?











NJ Housewives Round 2: “Leave the Gun, Bring the Cannoli”

As round 2 opens, Dina denies wanting a big wedding…yeah, right.  Basically, she admits Caroline arranged the marriage. Jill Zarin’s blog and what she had to say was brought up again…yawn.

Danielle had a one night stand or whatever with Don Johnson many years ago. 


Part 1